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(And they're all within the Goldilocks Zone? In case you don't know, the Goldilocks Zone is the range of distances from a star that a planet would have to occupy in order to be habitable)

"Then who was shooting at them?" Kalla asked. At that point, the cat returned, followed by five people in what looked like black Republic Guardsman armour.

"You won't have to worry about your pursuers for the time being." Their leader explained.

"How do we know know you're not working with the Sith?" Kalla inquired.

"Your friend's cat would be a lot more hostile if I was. We're with the Republic, in a manner of speaking." He pointed out. "My name is Jareth Krotan-"

"Former Republic Guardsman, dishonourably discharged after the Battle of Kaji. Allegedly recruited by the secret organisation Echelon 5 afterwards. Ex-husband of former smuggler and current Republic Intelligence Operative Iyav Dourden." Kalla stated.

"So you know him." Jareth commented.

"My father's boyfriend. He's mentioned you before, and I can't say he holds you in high regard." Kalla clarified.

Jareth chuckled a bit at that comment. "If he did, I'd probably still be his husband." Jareth remarked, before taking a more serious tone. "None of that matters at the moment. You Jedi and whatever else you might be may disagree with our methods, but we're on the same side here, and it'd be mutually beneficial for us to work together here."

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