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Once again, ma cherie, I disagree with that. If you want to read what "nonsense" is, check out my silly stories with the tag of "Badfic".

THAT is nonsense. THIS is not:

"I want to be like her. I want her acknowledgment. I adore Master Kreia!"

Am I the only one who caught how terrifying these statements are? Knowing what I know about "Master Kreia" from playing "The Sith Lords", it's clear that Revan doesn't know that he's "in over his head". After all, he is a child--like a little lost lamb. He doesn't yet realize that Kreia can be a ravenous wolf...

I also smiled at the crush that Revan has on Kreia. It's almost completely non-sexual (as it should be) for most schoolchildren who are "Hot for Teacher". What Revan really admires is her mind and her mysteriousness, not her body.

Bravo! I always love your stories, Revan sama, and their compelling tone.
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