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Tonatius bristled and replied, "Maybe mutually beneficial to both of us yes but subterfuge and clandestine operatives are not necessarily held in high regards."

Basra gave no indication that he was harmed and rather had a fun day. He gave a lazy growl/purr and allowed his tail to flick the leg of Krotan. Caelos gave the cat a rub down and pat. He said to Krotan, "Besides we have our own version of your Echleon 5, the Shinigami."

"Right," Taryn added even though he had heard third hand about Echleon 5. He kept his manner more relaxed unlike his brother who could be uptight in a tense situation at times. "Still I think the best thing we should do is continue on towards your tribal village Caelos."

"Yes. We can contact the Shinigami from there and you may find some refuge," Caelos replied. "Come."

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