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Alriana's lightsaber was constantly moving as she deflected blaster bolts back at her opponets and at the same time pressing forward as she hacked and sliced her way through the solders that had boarded the Ackbar. the enemy was well prepared and were not afraid to use heavy weaponry that could punch through the hull and cause a breach.

The admiral is going to be furious. I should leave some of them alive for her to vent her anger on.

She stopped for a moment as a sudden wave of cold rage and controlled murderous intent hit her. It was close by.

And it was getting closer.

Alriana slowly turned around toward the end of the corridor where the dark presence was coming from and then turned back and began running toward tavaryn's position as quickly as she could.

Varith didn't care who was in the way as he continued killing solders from both sides. He looked around and saw that no solders remained in his way. He continued on for a short bit before hearing the sound of blaster fire. He slowly came around the corner and saw a small group of solders who it seemed were under fire. One of them looked as if he had been wounded in his left shoulder.

Hmph. It seems as if this group and the enemy solders are the only thing standing between the jedi and I now. A shame, I was expecting a challenge.

He slowly walked down the corridor toward the group and held his lightsaber ready to deflect any shots that came his way.
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