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Tavaryn felt the coldness coming upon his men that were valiantly holding out against the enemy fire. He knew he had to help them so he took a roundabout way that would bring him to a more advantaged position. He clipped the lightsaber back on his belt and drew out his blade. He came upon the one emitting the coldness and held out his blade in a threatening manner, "Going somewhere?"


Jun-la managed to get to Amshrey with minimal fuss and sent the transmision, "Clansmen, there has been an attack on Avalon. Requesting assistance."

Andros looked at his master wondering if she should have been more urgent in her request. He said nothing until the reply came in, "Message coming in."

The Ebon Hawk. Long time no see. Don't you worry about a thing. We'll be over there quicker than you get back.

Jun-la gave a laugh, "Knew I could count on you Selene. Out."

((I know that the planets are in the same system Alkonium. I don't know if that was what you meant.))

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