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"You won't kill anyone else on this ship. I'll see to it."

Varith chuckled darkly as his opponet sent his lightning back at him. Varith easily absorbed the lightning and chuckled again.

"I assumed that there was only one force-sensative aboard this ship. It appears that I was mistaken." He said thoughtfully as he looked Tavaryn over. "It doesn't matter. I will dispose of you and move onto my next target."

Varith instantly gathered the force around him and force jumped at Tavaryn at incredible speed. As he landed, he brought his lightsaber down against Tavaryn's sword with incredible force.

Alriana stopped for a moment as she sensed the battle begin between the dark-force user and Tavaryn. Anyone who was near the two of them would be in danger.

There was only one thing to do.

Alriana activated the intercomn and began broadcasting. "Attention! All hands are to evacuate the following sections. As soon as your out, lock it down immediatly so that nothing can get out."

She told the crew over the intercomn the following sections that had to be evacuated and then paused for a moment. "Any remaining fighters are to be launched immediatly. All fighters are to converge on the enemy ship."

You can do it Tavaryn...just stop whatever your fighting long enough to get out and we can seal it in.
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