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CH 3-survivors

"4 guards on each side of doorway. 3 droids guarding as well. HK-50 models. cameras disables in 3...2...1. mark."
51 and lern fired at the hostiles, all under the radar of the criminal lordship.

"51 handle the artillery and main systems."

main sector

lern drew his bothan darkness blade and crept around to the control center to shut down the auxillary power, and stabbed the trandoshan guarding it.
"aux power is down."
"so you are the mole in our facility.can't let you live." said a mad in black armor.
lern drew his pistol and found it deactivated.
"not your average thug eh?"
"what the?"
the man attacked lern with a sit'ari war blade.
lern drew an echani vibroblade and met the man's blade.
300 volt suddently shocked lern through the swords.
lern saw only two things before he passed out: a blue light and the sith.

lern's base

"what?wh-" asked a frantic lern.
"silence young man. your mission was completed. ussuve was killed by HK-51. i am sergol."
"who was that guy in auxillary?"
" he was S-1. XAVIER HUDROW. a chemically enhanced sith. ussuve is learned in chemical warfare, he killed rivals this way that is why the hutts sent you."
"is he dead?"
"HK,tell lizman he is dead."

"i don't make threats. i make promises."-Canderous ordo
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