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Tavaryn would not show this enemy fear. He replied, "As I said, I won't let you kill anymore today."

When the order came over the comm, he was ready to obey it but he knew his men needed time to get out. If he could maneuver the battle long enough to make an escape...

He couldn't finished the thought for the enemy had launched himself at him, swinging his lightsaber with great force. Tavaryn reacted with a sliding step and brought up his sword to block. He could feel the power in the strike. At the same time his left hand reached for his lightsaber and he activated it, swinging it in an arch at his enemy. "You'll find I'm full of surprises."


"I think they would help us cousin," Taryn replied to Lenatha. "Jun-la wouldn't have sent us here in the first place."

Caelos stopped suddenly and turned around. "Lady Jun-la sent you?"


Caelos regarded them for a moment and continued on. He said nothing about that outburst as he led them through the forest.

Tonatius gave continuous glares at Jareth while following with Kalla. Even he had to agree on his thoughts with Kalla. He said to him in a low controlled voice, "Tavaryn may run in the shadows but he does not believe in taking potential weapons even if it were changed to be some sort of augmentation."

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