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Originally Posted by ZBomber View Post
Jedi Outcast remake? I'd kill for a Dark Forces remake... or even better Jedi Knight!

Anyways, I am not a big FPS guy... but I have to say the Goldeneye remake really got me into the game and genre in general. I then went on to play the new Call of Duty campaign, but I wasn't too impressed with that. The multiplayer is excellent though.
It IS possible. They gave Serious Sam a really nice face lift last year, only that style of FPS game is ancient history. The days of the goofy FPS games have come and gone, (with the exception of my beloved Borderlands which is really an action RPG at heart). For this reason I feel the ever so belayed Duke Nukem Forever is doomed to fail. Too many people want realism in the shooters, CoD4 changed the standards in which FPS games are now made.

I think everyone here in the um, Jedi Knight Series forum would love to see another game as wonderful as Outcast, or even an upgraded re-make of what is still my favorite Star Wars game of all time.

Even better, a brand new installment of Battlefront on something that other than a hand held would be stellar.
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