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"I don't like it, but the Jedi aren't exactly trusted by the Senate anymore. We need all the allies we can get." Kalla commented. "First chance I get, I'm going to try to get in contact with Iyav, and see if he can tell us anything else about Jareth."

Silver Eagle

"No response. This can't be good. That computer virus must have spread and hit Amshrey. The whole planet might have gone dark." Iyav commented.

"Is the Eagle safe?" Komad asked.

"Yeah. I was able to isolate it and flag it in the onboard computer before it could do any damage." Iyav explained.

"If the ship's safe, I say we head down and try to talk to Tiye in person." Komad suggested.

"I agree. It's that or come back empty handed." Iyav commented, setting a course for the planet's capital.

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