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Tavaryn sprang away after missing to avoid being caught in a position to be impaled. He held both blades with the long skill of practice and fighting, waiting to see what the enemy would do. His left shoulder throbbed in pain but he kept a firm grip on the blade that had belonged to his father. He replied, "Presumptuous if you think that you will kill me."

When Varith released the wave, Tavaryn lowered his body into a crouch to avoid the brunt of its power. He watched as the hull was being weakened and knew that he would have to be quick about getting out of there. He was caught in surprise when some of the objects stopped in midair and were being redirected towards him. Using his agility, he tried avoiding the more heavier equipment. He did receive a couple of good clouts on his body from containers that had been left out and one crate that may have contained medical supplies clouted him good on the ribs.

It had hurt like bloody hell but he was not going to give this enemy the satisfaction of beating him down. He dropped to one knee and used his sword as a means of support. He dropped his head to his chest and closed his eyes. He stilled his breathing, calming himself. When he opened his eyes, he was in a place of serenity. He looked around and saw a shade of her. Nodding to her, they both began on a kata starting slow at first and then it got faster.

While his mind was in a place of serenity, his body was rather vulnerable but there was something else. It could be felt as the Force began swirling about him at first a gentle breeze and then building up into a maelstorm. Other times he had opened himself to a little of it, making him appear just a sensitive but his power was similar in strength to his siblings should they ever fully release it.

Tavaryn could feel a slight breeze play with his hair as he continued to channel his power. He managed to send through the Force to Varith, Two can play at that game.He was unaware that there was another Force user who was listening.

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