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"Presumptuous if you think that you will kill me."

Varith's eyes widened as his opponet suddenly went still and then the force began to swirl around his opponet. It began as a gentle breeze and then quickly became a powerful storm.

Hmph. It appears that I underestimated this one. It would seem that It wouldn't be wise to hold back. The jedi may have to wait.

Varith snarled at Tavaryn and unleashed a stream of lightning at Tavaryn and then jumped up into the air as soon as the stream of lightning stopped and brought his lightsaber down in a halving motion.

Two can play at that game

Alriana could sense that the battle between Tavaryn and the dark force user was getting more intense. She could feel the force rolling off of both of them. But she knew that if the dark force user were to get any stronger Tavaryn would need help.

The admiral isn't going to like this but I feel that Tavaryn may need help. And if he were to die I would never forgive myself.

She ignited her lightsaber and began cutting through the door as quickly as she could.
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