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"This isn't what I expected our wedding to be like either, Andorra." Lena reassured her wife, gently caressing her hand. "This isn't our fault, and we didn't do anything to deserve this. It's highly unlikely the Sith, if that's who they are, know, or even care about our wedding. We'll probably still have our wedding night to ourselves, at least."

"I think I've got a signal. Silver Eagle, this is Kalla. Please respond." Kalla sent out.

"Read you loud and clear. What's your status?" Iyav sent back.

"We made it out of the city safely. But there's more: Jareth is here." Kalla explained.

"Don't turn your back on him. He may be loyal to the Republic, but he is not to be trusted." Iyav pointed out.

"Believe me Iyav, I have nothing to gain from betraying them." Jareth interjected, having somehow intercepted the transmission on a device of his own.

"Jareth." Iyav stated, a seething anger in his voice.

"Missed me?" Jareth inquired.

"I was glad to be rid of you." Iyav pointed out.

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