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I would be too. Tonatius thought as he said, "We have made it to the forest tribes. Caelos is getting us audience with the Lord of the Tribes."

Taryn was standing with Andorra while the whole conversation was going. He said, "Easy there cousin. It's not your fault. Always be tried and true that the enemy never adheres to anyone's schedule."


Jun-la was glad that Selene and the clans were able to help. They had ben on Belos for a training with the Belosian forces for the last few months so they would spread the word. She looked at her padawan and said, "Open a channel to the Silver Eagle."

"Channel open."

"Silver Eagle, this is the Ebon Hawk, do you read?"


The kata was intensifying as the tension grew. They were in sync, moving in a fluid motion that was almost dance-like. It looked as if they would get faster when they pulled back into a fighting stance, ready to strike...

The maelstorm was swirling at a dangerous level when Varith made his move. Even with his eyes closed, Tavaryn could sense the attack and the reaction was instantaneous. The Force pulsed as the crates slid across the ground and rattled from the shockwave of Tavaryn's movement.

Tavaryn sprang out of the way of the lightning and the lightsaber attack while spinning on his heel to strike with the cold heat of his sword. He could feel the resistance of fabric as he moved passed Varith. He paused to face Varith who was recovering from his attack to look at him in the eye with an intense look before moving so fast, he disappeared from the line of sight until he was besides Varith making a series of strikes with his blades.

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