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Originally Posted by IG-64 View Post
So... any computer animated kid's movie? Okay, there is some truth in what you say - CG kids films are polluted with a lot of cookie-cutter stuff - but you're making some pretty ridiculous points here.

First off, you're basically calling CG animation a "formula." It's a medium. To say that Toy Story/Shrek were alright but everything after that is redundant is a pretty far-reaching statement. I would like to know how many of these movies you have actually seen.

I also totally don't get your whole "talking things" point, especially since you included The Incredibles as one of your examples. You know animated films have had "talking things" since the beginning of animation right? The very concept of animation allows for a wider range of characters than just humans, so of course there's going to be different anthropomorphized things (a concept as old as recorded history) talking in animated films. Was The Lion King just a "talking things" movie to you?

Then you say "I don't have kids so I don't watch kids movies" and then immediately follow that up with "I miss the old cartoons" which pretty much nullifies the previous statement. I don't have kids either but I watch kids movies all the time, CG and otherwise. I think you mean you don't have kids so you don't watch bad kids movies.

"...and the silly one liners and the dramatic pauses to make something seem funnier than it already is..." Ok, I do get your point here. Lots of kids films are cash-ins that have poor writing trussed up with over-the-top slapstick. But this has been true for all mediums of film since kids movies became popular. Where there is profit, there is exploitation. My issue is that you took a lot of examples of different films, I don't know how many of which you have actually seen, and lumped them together as a cliche. I think that does a disservice to the medium, because for every "Shark Tale" throwaway there's another film that's been given as much care and creative vision as Aladdin.

Which brings me to my last point. I do remember Aladdin, and it was one of my favorite movies growing up, and I watched it many, many times. But Aladdin has talking animals. It has silly one-liners and slapstick. And yes, it is an early example of CGI use in animated films. It is also a good movie.

You don't have to like CG kids films. You can like what you like. But there are good computer animated films. I think Pixar has made some of the greatest contributions to animation, period. That's just my opinion. But the fact is that Pixar and studios like them have teams that work their asses off to make the best films they possibly can.

*steps off of soapbox*
Problem is though, there are so, so, many of them now, that it is easy to get them all confused. Only the best stand out. And those are few and far between. With the Disney cartoons, we had to wait for them. Maybe once a year if that.
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