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Varith felt multiple sharp pains all over his body as he was attacked by his mysterious opponet. Suddenly this opponet had become much faster and it was all he could do to keep up with the strikes from his blade with his lightsaber. Even so, a few of the strikes hit him.

What is this? His command over the force has become nearly as strong as my own.

Varith hated to admit it as he jumped back away from Tavaryn. This was a worthy opponet. One who deserved respect. He smiled darkly and lifted his lightsaber and then brought it down in a salute.

"You...I hate to admit this but you are a worthy opponet. One who deserves respect."

Varith gathered the force around him and the objects on the floor slowly floated up into the air and then he launched them like projectiles all around the area. He knew that not all of them would hit him but some would. And at the speed they were flying when they hit they could cause severe damage.

Alriana finished cutting through the bulkhead and immediatly ran down the corridor toward where she sensed Tavaryn was. Timing could make all the difference in a battle and she had no intention of leaving Tavaryn to fight a dark force user alone.
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