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Tavaryn looked at Varith as he saluted him with his blade. He could see that some of his strikes had made it through the defenses of Varith and had cut him. The look on his face was impassive as he eyed Varith. He held his blades ready to strike if necessary, the blue bladed lightsaber glowed with power and his sword rang with its bite of burning coldness.

"You...I hate to admit this but you are a worthy opponet. One who deserves respect."

"Superiority through fighting. Such a cliched plot," Tavaryn replied impassively.

As the objects came flying, it looked as if Tavaryn were not going to move. To anyone watching it would have looked like he was waiting for them to hit him. It was almost slow motion as they came hurtling closer. When it looked like they were on top of him, he moved, disappearing again from view. The only indication that anythign was going on were objects being destroyed and one could make out Tavaryn's shape as he moved.

He reappeared again disturbingly close to Varith, sitting on a pile of crates. He then said, "I would say keep up but you would know how to do that." He was sporting a cut near his hairline and it was bleeding and had a few new bruises from objects he had missed. He sat there on the crates and watched Varith, ready to spring again.

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