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Tonatius gave Kalla an indulgent smile, "I think so to but if we are to be able to do anything, the Lord of the Tribes must be informed so he can decide what to do. The warriors will guard as you and I are needed to present our case."


Jun-la listened to the message and replied, "Either that or the rest of the clans there are practicing maneuvers. Use caution when landed and identify yourself as Jedi. Both of you."


Selene wasted no time in mobilizing her clansmen while Lord Governor Gisan ordered the Belosian warriors to battle. she spoke to her men gathered, "Warriors, our lands have been threatened and our brothers call us for help. Upon our honor as Mandalorians and Avalonians, we fight."

The cheer was one of thunderous applause as the men and women cheered and raced towards the waiting ships. Selene looked at the sight as she climbed into the lead ship and beckoned her pilot to take off.

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