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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
Anyone could. As I said, using fallacies and double standards is not a good way to "review(?)" a movie.

And a decent person would not even consider making that kind of crap.

Originally Posted by Samnmax221
Actually the cinematography sucks. So much of it was done in front of green screens that the actors have no idea what they're supposed to be doing, and George just adds it in post. He got so bad that he was taking what he considered to be the best takes from the actors delivering his **** dialogue, then mashed them together. The actors aren't truly reacting to each other anymore and telling us a story, they're just doing the best they can to say their lines to thin air.
Well there is no science behind the acting and stuff like that. No measure of quality. It is all up to one opinion.

But even though I dislike prequels I think acting and drama was well delivered for what they were trying to achieve. The problem is that what they were trying achieve was not enjoyable. The actors are reacting to each other and they are telling the story... but the story says that Anakin is an annoying prick and that he always do stupid things. So basically because people don't like the storyline and the main character then they falsely blame the cinematography for it. Probably because they try to look like they are some film experts but they are usually not and they end up looking like idiots. About the blue screen... you could say that they made it pretty realistic and good if you consider they had to work with nothing around them - quite an achievement if ask me. It is way way easier to work with fully constructed sets. It was probably the first time in film history that cast and crew had to work with nothing around them. You could say it was revolutionary and it somehow moved the limits of cinematography. Again, quite an achievement. Sadly the basis on what the worked on (story, main character) was not enjoyable.

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