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((Here's chapter 3 ))

"Wait your telling me you used to travel on the Ebon Hawk?" Shiyra asked in disbelief as she and the Twi'lek walked toward the Ebon Hawk. Zaalbar had gone back to the refugee sector to grab what little they had and would be catching up with them shortly.

" was back during the Jedi Civil War. The Ebon Hawk used to belong to a crime lord named Davik who lived on Taris. To make a long story short...a few friends of mind stole the Hawk and came back and picked us up when the sith started bombing the planet. We were lucky to escape with our lives."

Shiyra shook her head in disbelief. From what she had heard when she returned to known space most of taris's population had been wiped out when Malak had attacked the planet. " survived Malak's attack on taris...what happened next?"

Mission smiled as she lost herself in her memories. "From there we went to Dantooine...compared to Taris it was like a paradise. It was there that we found out that one of the people who helped get me off Taris was force sensitive and the jedi wanted to train him."

"Really? What was his name?"

Mission smiled again. "His name was Riera. And it turned out later that he had a mysterious past that none of us knew anything about."

Shiyra was about to ask more questions when she heard soft footsteps running up behind them. She quickly turned around to see Zaalbar running toward them, the wookie was holding a large bag over his shoulder. Mission turned to look at him and her smile disappeared.

" something wrong?"

The wookiee nodded. "I ran into some trouble in the refugee sector. It looks like our friend here is being hunted."

Shiyra's face paled. Was it possible that Mical had already managed to find them. She wouldn't doubt it given some of the near impossible things that he had already done.

Shiyra grabbed Mission and dragged her toward the Hawk."I'm really sorry about this but we need to leave. Now. I won't let him kill anyone else."

Mission had almost lost her balance when Shiyra had grabbed her. She didn't fight Shiyra but her hand went down to a blaster that was hidden on the inside of her jacket. "What is it?! What's wrong?"

Shiyra didn't turn as she entered the security code and the ramp that led up to the hawk slid down. "Long story, not enough time. I'm just going to say that I'm being hunted. By a very dangerous man who would not hesitate to kill any of you to try and get to me."

A sudden surge in the force caught her attention and she slowly turned around as she heard the sound of boots hitting metal.

"Hello." A mocking voice called out. "I admit managed to slow me down by destroying my ship on Dantooine but I managed to get off the planet within a day."

Shiyra motioned for Mission to get onboard the Ebon Hawk and she ignited her lightsaber as a familiar dark robed figure slowly walked towards them. Shiyra quickly turned around just in time to see Zaalbar run up the ramp.

Shiyra heard the familiar sound of the Hawk's engines starting up and she turned around just in time to see Mical ignite his lightsaber.

"What happened to you Mical?" She shouted over the the sound of the engines. "You once believed in the way of the jedi! And now look at you! You've managed to kill all of your friends! And now you hunt me wherever I go!"

Mical smiled. "I will hunt you until the day I die Shiyra. And once your out of the way...your daughter will be next."

I thought he wanted to kill me! And now I find out that my only child in on his list. It's time to fight! I've lost the father of my child! I won't lose anyone else!

Shiyra gathered the force around her and jumped at Mical who easily moved out of the way of her strike before she could even land. he then brought his lightsaber around only to have Shiyra block it. Sweat was sliding down her face as she blocked strike after strike. Mical was smiling as he brought his lightsaber down again and again against her blade.

I didn't expect him to be this strong! It's all I can do to block his attacks. Everytime I try to go on the offensive he easily blocks my attacks.

Mical easily dodged her latest attack and kicked her in the leg. She felt her bones break and she hit the floor with a thud.

Mical smiled. "And now it ends."

Shiyra closed her eyes and waited for the end just as a massive flying shadow appeared directly above Mical. The fallen jedi slowly looked up just in time to see the Ebon Hawk's powerful quad-lasers power up. Mical force jumped back a few feet just as the quad-lasers fired close to where he had been standing leaving two small craters that were only a few feet away from Shiyra who was struggling to her feet. She looked up just as the Hawk's ramp extended and a long furry hand reached down toward her and grabbed her. Shiyra sighed in relief as the wookiee pulled her up over the edge of the ramp.

She looked up at the wookiee and smiled only to have her smile disappear when she saw the wookiee's eyes. They were filled with nothing but suspicion. Shiyra clipped her lightsaber to her belt and raised her hands to show that she had no hostile intentions and tried to get to her feet only to fall down again. Mical must have broken something, she thought as the wookiee helped her to her feet and walked with her toward the cockpit.

Mical watched the ship fly away and then deactivated his lightsaber. He continued watching the ship until it disappeared into the traffic of Nar Shaadda.

There will be another time...another battle Shiyra. I do not care how many you surround yourself with...In the end I will kill you.

Ebon Hawk

Shiyra carefully watched the Twi'lek who was watching her in return. "You know...we probably wouldn't have come along with you if we knew you were being hunted by a dark jedi. I fought more then my fair share of sith during the jedi civil war and I wasn't really expecting to see them again." Mission said quietly.

"And another thing that's bugging why you have a baby aboard." The twi'lek's eyes were filled with suspicion. Shiyra knew that it was time to come clean if she didn't want to lose her passengers.

"It all started a number of years ago..."

((End of chapter.))

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