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Thanks for pointing out that there are sleazy individuals who are in Union jobs.

Have you missed all the sleazy people outside of them? Or is it just that you prefer your bad eggs to be Union workers?

I am well aware that there are abuses in the system. So are all Union members. So is about any educated and semi-intelligent human being above the age of 18.

Yes, in the case of state employees, we are talking about your tax dollars. What percentage would you say is abusing the system? I have no raw data or figures, but my assumption is that there are the same number of d-bags that are Union workers as those outside the Union. That percentage may be scarily high, but it is by no means a majority, and I would go so far as to say it is in the vast MINORITY of both Union and non-Union workers. The truth is, most people are mostly honest, and have consciences that prevent them from raping the system. The others should be prosecuted, and so if it would please Walker or Jae, I put up the motion that Union members in State employ be held under the same scrutiny that those in the public sector are put to. Find the wingnuts and rapists, and prosecute.

What you fail to mention in your post, is all of the good people that are getting hosed through this, and the potential ripple effect. If you think it is a good thing that Unions get broken... who is next on the chopping block, and/or what rights will be left for those of you in the public sector when the Unions are squashed?

I am glad I no longer live in Wisconsin.

@Tommycat: thank you for a completely unenlightening post. If you think I am unaware of what my Union dues are spent on, thanks for assuming idiocy on my part. There is an opt-out for some political spending, but not all of it. I do not love all of the Union politics, just the ones that protect my interest. My job demands a great deal physically: more, quite frankly, than 90% of American's could do, and most would choose not to regardless of the good (but far from exorbitant) pay. If I were to stay at my current "title" for more than 5 more years, I would be physically forced to find something else to do. I work 65-90 hours a week, and much of that time is spent lifting and putting down literally TONS (yes, 2000lbs x 1, 2, sometimes 3) of materials a day. Then there is the whole 1200 to 2400 amps of raw power I am harnessing, which to put in perspective: your household 2 outlet gangbox is a 15 amp circuit. That can kill you. I can be vaporized.

Is that work not worthy of some extra consideration or compensation? Is every Union job like that? No; but many are. Union jobs are often ugly or highly difficult and painful jobs that people do not want to do. There should be somebody watching our backs.

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