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Why do I dislike the PT? Where do I begin?

1) Bad writing. Screenplays that come off like they were written by a second-grader.

2) Bad direction. C'mon, George. Surely you weren't satisfied with the uninspired, lackluster, two-dimensional performances that ended up onscreen. Oh wait: you were.

3) The dirty, worn, "lived-in" galaxy. WTF happened to it? Well it's gone, along with a hell of a lot of realism and suspension of disbelief; replaced by glossy, cheesy and unconvincing CGI.

4) Flat, soulless, lifeless characters that nobody gives a tinker's damn about, due to crappy writing, equally crappy direction, and the resultant uninspired performances of otherwise good actors. Yeah, that's right. Why are actors who are so great in other movies so horrible in these? Think about it. Duh-uh.

5) A meandering plot that makes little or no sense. Episode I is especially guilty of this. Once again: bad writing.

6) The systematic destruction of one of the coolest villains in the history of cinema. Darth Vader is actually a gullible, whiny, emo ***sy? Greeeaaat.

7) Those god-awful "romance" scenes. Once again: bad writing; bad direction. Blame Hayden all you want.

Really, I could go on and on and on and on, but what's the point? It's all been said before, and more skillfully by other people, notably the folks at RedLetterMedia.

OP, if you want to blame people for not liking the PT, fine, but you're insulting people's intelligence and good taste by doing so. To be honest, this forum has seen some of the most skillfully self-deluding, sycophantic George Lucas apologists that I've ever come in contact with, but all of their combined powers of rationalization cannot work miracles. The PT still sucks, for reasons that are obvious to anyone with taste in cinema, and blaming its detractors is not going to change that by one iota. Bad film-making is still bad film-making.

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