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Stuck on Ebon Hawk compartment.

Hello everyone, i started playing Kotor again with mods.
I'm currently on the quest of finding the star maps and i'm headed to Tatooine, problem is, i can't.
When i travel there my character appears on a compartment of the ebon hawk.

It's impossible to get out of there.

Maybe it has to do with the mods?

I'm gonna make a list of all the mods i have :

- BOS:SR Patch 1.1
- Jorn's Kotor Saber Mod
- Malak Enhanced Mod
- Jedi Master with names Mod
- lost sith in a nameless world Mod
- enhanced Shadowlands mod
- jedi arena mod
- lost apprentice mod
- taris sith planet mod
- recruit darth brigan beta mod
- darth revan on dantooine mod
- feat gain kotor 1 mod
- enhanced merchants mod
- 90 sk's robe mods
- tomb of jesset dalkest mod
- yavin 4 mod
- taris jedi arena mod
- jedi from the start mod
- Sherruk with sabers mod
- Visual effects for kotor 1.

That's all of them.

Any help would be really appreciated.
Thanks to all in advance.

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