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"A shadow."

Varith moved away from Tavaryn, leaving his back open to attack. If my opponet is a jedi I doubt he will attack me...but just in case...

Varith gathered the force around him and prepared to fire a barrage of force lightning at him should he attack.

"Tell me...if I were to leave this ship and hunt the force sensatives aboard the enemy ship...would you let me go? I doubt you and I will be able to finish our battle with the damage this ship is taking. So tell me...Would you pursue me?"

"Jedi Haltra, I'm picking another two ships coming out of hyperspace, in opposite directions. Getting an IDC from the closer one now; it's the Enterprise. Can't confirm anything with the other one, but these readings would suggest another enemy ship of the same class."

Alriana listened over the comnlink and shook her head. The Ackbar was one of the strongest ships in the fleet and it was still taking quite a bit of damage, she doubted the Enterprise would stand a chance against two of the enemy ships. She didn't have any idea of what shape the enemy ship was in.

It looks like it's time. Admiral Belina said to use this comn channel only in the event of an emergency. If this doesn't count as an emergency I don't know what does.

She keyed her comnlink to a different frequency and spoke the words that Admiral Belina had taught her. "This is the Ackbar. Emergency code 9-4-7 Red."

A man's voice responded. "Katarn acknowledges. Emergency code 9-4-7 Red has been recieved. Stand by."
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