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Coruscant Entertainment Center

Star War Knight of the old republic : Lost colors
Revan Sama

Pre KOTOR: A student and his master

The piece flows very well, the interplay limited primarily to the narrative. I agree, keep it up.

A Long Campaign
Mandalore The Shadow

Star War during TESB:The battle of Hoth from the viewpoint of the 501st.

A well drawn narrative, there is no characterization, the main character merely narrating the scene.



KOTOR on Taris: Revan and Carth begin to work on how to find Bastila

The piece is primarily generic, with some interesting twists. Carth comes across as doom and gloom with Sam as the eternal optimist.

A Sith's Honor

KOTOR on Korriban:Uther deals with Selene

The piece is well written, the characters and scene clear. Making her end an enforced suicide was choice, and the voices of the dead an exquisite choice.

Pick of the Week

The Security of Betrayal

Pre KOTOR: Saul Karath aids in the betrayal of Revan

The piece is interesting because we see Saul also assisting in destroying the flagship. His reasoning is flawless, and his actions assure his position.


Originally reviewed 31 may 2007. That review is below:

The climactic battle aboard the Star Forge from Malak’s view

The story flows well, going from the fight to the flashbacks through their younger lives that led the two warriors to this point. Sad an poignant.

Reprise Pick of the Week

Aminta Jae

Pre KOTOR: Malak deals with his existence as a Sith

The piece flowed well, so well in fact that I forgot to notate it previously.

I Am I, Sith Lord Malak

A one shot from the Behind the Game series by the same author: Malak gets himself in the mood for his next scene

The piece is light cute and amusing. Using the specific song they used (From Man of La Mancha) made it very fun.

The Greatest Gift of All

Post KOTOR: Bastila delivers a gift to a still pensive Revan

The piece is short, but the reactions of Revan to the news makes up for the brevity.

Pick of the Week

Strange Alliances

Pre KOTOR: Revan hides her powers in an odd place

The piece is interesting in that even while Revan is being captured, she is finding a repository for hercapabilities, and transferring them as the Jedi capture her. I do wonder what change Steve makes in his world, but had no time to read further.

Which Wookiee
Mr. Crusty

KOTOR on Kashyyk: A case of mistaken identity

The piece is amusing because the pair sent to retrieve Zaalbar can't recognize him. It was a funny read.

Pick of the Week

Star Wars KOTOR Unnecessary Evil

TSL After Malachor V: Deciding to follow Revan, The Exile admits her feelings to Atton

The piece flowed very well, and I wished I could read past chapter one.

Pick of the Week

The Hunter of Destiny

15,000 before the Battle of Yavin: An Assassin stalks the Jedi

The piece is set far enough back almost to impinge on my own work of 25,000 years earlier. As to why he is hunting them, we have yet to have a clue

Force Blind
Princess Artemis

KOTOR on Lehon: Darth Revan is back, and in full cry

The piece flows very well, the scenes crisp and clear.

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