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"He will see you now," Caelos replied after he had sought audience with the aide to the leader. "Follow me."

He led them through the village ignoring the curious stares that the people were giving. He believed that few ever saw offworlders like his companions before and they were even more curious as to why a water lord and a Bushida warrior were traveling with them. He led them to a hut and instructed them, "Bow and never look him in the face."

"Welcome Jedi. I assume that trouble has occurred on our beloved world?"


Tavaryn watched the enemy back away slowly. He could sense doubt. Common reaction when warriors were confronted by Shinigami for those that knew what they did. It could work to his advantage but he knew that he must stop this enemy on all accounts.

"Tell me...if I were to leave this ship and hunt the force sensatives aboard the enemy ship...would you let me go? I doubt you and I will be able to finish our battle with the damage this ship is taking. So tell me...Would you pursue me?"

Tavaryn had sensed the lightning being gathered and had moved to reappear behind Varith. He replied, "I repeat, I will not let you kill anymore." He then gave a powerful strike with the butt end of his sword hand to knock Varith askew a bit.


Selene opened a channel to her ships that followed her in, "Launch fighters and engage the enemy vessel. Protect teh Ackbar."

She then opened a channel to the Ackbar and said, "Ackbar, this is Selene Ordo, Leader of the Clans. We are here to help. Status report."

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