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Originally Posted by K_Kinnison View Post
In the summer of 2005, America was facing a full-blown energy crisis, but the Republican Congress was unwilling to do anything that would substantively improve the country's energy efficiency. They wouldn't mandate improved light bulbs. They wouldn't increase CAFE standards. But, alongside billions of dollars in handouts and tax breaks for dirty energy the Frist-Hastert Congress was willing to "save energy" by shortening the portion of the year when Americans are allowed to sleep late.

The rationale for the new daylight savings calendar was that it would reduce energy use by encouraging people to use less electric light, but that assumption hadn't been well tested and a new study by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) reveals that the policy likely encouraged Americans to use more energy by running heaters and air conditioners more than enough to offset the decreased use of light, and to spend more money doing so
I find it very hard to beleive that it caused ANY change in electric use.

and they shouldnt MANDATE me changing my light bulbs, stay the **** out of my house.
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