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"I repeat, I will not let you kill anymore."

Varith's force lightning vanished as the sword slammed into him. He was sent back a few steps before turning to Tavaryn and smiling brightly.

"A shame. I have no desire to kill an opponet such as you. A foe like you comes along once in a lifetime but it appears you leave me no choice."

Varith opened himself to the force and let it empower him. "I turned from the jedi when they refused to allow me to return home. As a result of their action, I lost the love of my life. I vowed on the day that I walked through the charred remains of our home that any and all Jedi would pay."

Varith ran at Tavaryn at incredible speed and then jumped into the air before bringing his lightsaber down on Tavaryn's sword, he then unleashed another barrage of force lightning at him.

"Ackbar, this is Selene Ordo, Leader of the Clans. We are here to help. Status report."

One of the remaining bridge officers on the bridge answered the call. "This is science officer Koral. The shields are down to seven percent, most of our weapons are still online but the targeting sensors are heavily damaged and are not giving accurate readings. Hull integrity is down to twenty seven percent. Jedi Haltra was in command but she had left to deal with a situation on the med deck."
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