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Lord Tristan had to suppress a laugh at the girl's sudden correction. His grand niece had said she was an intelligent girl and willing to do the right thing. He stood up from his seat and slid his fingers under Andorra's chin and beckoned her to look at him. He guided her to her feet and replied, "Your mother has taught you well." He then smiled and released her.

"Rise," he said to the others, " I know this is not the first time our world has been attacked by the Sith. We have called them Rashikians. We will help but first I need information about Republic forces. Perhaps you would know," he addressed Kalla but was including the others.


Selene nodded and replied, "Koral, I am sending ships and fighters to your position. Is there a place where I can board? I assume that the enemy has boarded?"

The signal was sent and the fighters of Belos were already moving into position, firing upon the enemy vessel.


((Just adding this in to help Alkonium out))

Tiye was holding maneuvers with the clans on Amshrey when an aide came through and said, "Milady we are receiving a comm signal from a small vessel. Republic."

Tiye nodded and pressed a button on her wrist gauntlet to signal the end of the exercise. She went up to the console and called, "Unidentified Republic vessel, state your business."


"I turned from the jedi when they refused to allow me to return home. As a result of their action, I lost the love of my life. I vowed on the day that I walked through the charred remains of our home that any and all Jedi would pay."

"So you blame the Jedi. Such a pity you don't hold your own actions responsible," Tavaryn replied.

He was unprepared however for the sudden burst of speed that Varith gave and it left his defenses open for the lightning to get through. He felt his body flying through the air as it hit a bulkhead hard enough for him to hear the sickening crack of his ribs. It was nothing compared to the burning sensation that was coursing throughout his body. For a brief moment, he wished that he could see her again.

I wish you were here Alriana. His thoughts echoed through the Force.

He grimaced in pain on the ground and tried to right himself so he would be able to stand. He could not let this dark one continue his campaign against the Jedi. A Shinigami protected the Jedi and he would protect her even though she was far away.

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