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"Koral, I am sending ships and fighters to your position. Is there a place where I can board? I assume that the enemy has boarded?"

Koral nodded even though Ordo couldn't see him. "We do have enemy troops aboard, we do have them contained but they're stepping up their efforts to break through. As for where you may land...the port fighter bay has been destroyed but the starboard one is still intact."

A message came in over the console and Koral's eyes widened in fear. "It seems we also have a dark jedi aboard. A powerful one if Jedi Haltra is correct."

"So you blame the Jedi. Such a pity you don't hold your own actions responsible,"

Varith shook his head. "I blamed myself for a long time after she fact I still do...but the jedi were the ones who kept from heading back home. If I had gone back home I could have gotten rid of those pirates sooner."

He looked down at Tavaryn and smiled grimly. "I will not kill you. A worthy foe like you comes along once in a great while."

I wish you were here Alriana.

Alriana paused for a moment in horror as she felt Tavaryn's pain through the force. No...I lost everyone from my era...I won't lose Tavaryn!

She continued running and arrived just in time to see Tavaryn slammed into the wall by a barrage of force lightning.

"Leave him alone!" She shouted as she force jumped through the air and brought her lightsaber down against Varith. Varith turned around in suprise and barely managed to bring his lightsaber around to block her strike. He mentally cursed himself, he had been too busy dealing with Tavaryn and had lost track of Alriana.

"I will not allow you to harm Tavaryn!" She shouted as she force jumped backward and unleashed a massive force push against Varith that sent him flying against the wall. Varith tried to move...but he was pinned against the wall by Alriana's force push. He mentally cursed himself again. He hadn't been ready for the enraged jedi.

"Tavaryn...Are you alright?" She asked quietly as she continued holding Varith against the wall. Varith was getting hard to hold as she continued struggling against her force push. Sweat was pouring down her forhead.
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