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Mando'a, Amshrey

"This is Jedi Master Komad Kaltas on the Republic freighter Silver Eagle. We request urgent assistance. Avalon is under attack. Two unidentified warships have come out of hyperspace and attacked the capital. The Ackbar and the Enterprise have engaged them, but their chances don't look good so far." Komad explained.


"There are currently no Republic Guardsmen stationed on Avalon, but there are an unknown number Echelon 5 operatives here. There may be Republic ships in orbit, but there's no way to tell from here." Kalla explained.

RSS Enterprise

"Concentrate your fire on the first of those ships. It has to have sustained a considerable amount of damage by now." Captain Varon instructed.

"Sir, the second ship is targeting us with its beam weapon." Lieutenant Arnas pointed out.

"All auxiliary power to the forward shields!" Varon added.

Even at maximum power, the Enterprise's shields were barely able to withstand the attack.

"I think I've got something, sir." One of the science officers added. "According these readings, their shields took a massive drain when they fired the weapon. They're back at full now, but we should be able to exploit it the next time they fire."

"Very good. Launch all fighters, and transmit that data to the Ackbar." Varon replied.

"Understood. Transmitting now."

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