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"Meh Jedi," Selene muttered aware that she could be heard over the comm. "Roger that. We will board there."

To the pilot she directed, "Head to the starboard side. We have a battle to fight."


"I blamed myself for a long time after she fact I still do...but the jedi were the ones who kept from heading back home. If I had gone back home I could have gotten rid of those pirates sooner."

"Yet you are still blaming the Jedi," Tavaryn pointed out. "You say they prevented you from returning. How could staying at the Temple be prevention?"

Tavaryn grimaced a bit as he pushed himself up. He continued, "You call me a worthy foe and yet not kill me. That tells me you still have some humanity within you." He stared, his eyes full of pain but with a serene gaze of one who accepted his fate.

He was completely surprised to see a flash of green and a blur hurl through the air towards Varith. His eyes opened in shock as he recognized who it was. He whispered, "Alriana."

He watched as she force pushed Varith into the wall and began to hold him there. He could sense her rage and fear even though she asked quietly if he was alright. He replied equally soft, "I am fine," and stood up leaning against the wall. After everything, he still had managed to hold onto his weapons. He put his lightsaber back on his belt and held his blade in his good hand.

Do not be angry Alriana. If you or I kill him in anger, we would be no better than he is. He appealed to her through that connection they made back on Geonosis. It hadn't gone away even though he never attempted to contact her that way and he was glad. He had a hard time putting into words the emotions he felt seeing her again.


Tiye recognized the name of the Jedi Master and replied, "We will respond. If you had someone reach Selene Ordo on Belos, they would have launched by now. Call your Republic forces and have them land on Avalon. They will need ground troops."


"Republic Guardsmen would have no business here except at the embassy in Tyan-yu," Lord Tristan replied, "However this Echleon 5 I am not familiar with. Perhaps they have an existence similar to the shadow forces of my people?"

To save confusion, Tonatius replied, "Yes milord."

Lord Tristan thought a moment and then said to someone off in the shadows, "Sound the call. We will meet this enemy on the Plains of Jasilyn. They will have to come through there to get to the Academy hidden in the mountains." To the group he said, "You are welcome to stay here. The Starlighter family and their friends are always welcome." To Andorra he said, "See Ziva for some clothes, otherwise your mother will have my head later." He gave her a gentle smile.

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