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Do not be angry Alriana. If you or I kill him in anger, we would be no better than he is.

Alriana looked back at Tavaryn and then back at Varith who was trying as hard as he could to break Alriana's force push. He began to gather the force around him and then released it in a massive force wave that sent Alriana and Tavaryn flying against the wall.

He dropped down to his knees on the floor and quickly got back to his feet. "I salute you. You are among the first to pose a threat to me. The next time we will not survive."

Varith began to use his force-run and quickly ran down the corridor towards the starboard hanger bay where his ship was docked. He paused and looked back and for a moment, remembered his days as a jedi. he then shook his head. Those days were long gone.

Alriana slowly got to her feet and limped over to Tavaryn. "Are you alright Tavaryn?"


"Roger that. We will board there."

Koral's attention was redirected as information came in on the science station. The worried expression on his face vanished as data came in from the Enterprise.

Finally! A weakness!

He turned to the surviving members of the bridge crew and turned toward the chiss officer who had taken over Alriana's station.

"Turn the Ackbar's bow so we're facing the first ship. It should have sustained more damage. Fire forward turbolasers!""

Four turbolaser blats shot out from the Ackbar and impacted against the shields of the enemy ship.
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