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RSS Enterprise

"Captain, the first ship is about to fire its beam weapon at us." Lt. Arnas pointed out.

"Separate your fire into two points: that beam weapon, and the shield generator." Captain Varon instructed.

The gambit was risky, but they had little choice.

"The enemy ship has sustained heavy damage, and our combined firepower has taken out their shields." Lt. Arnas explained.

"Excellent work." Varon replied, but they had little time to celebrate.

"Oh no. Our shields have failed, and that beam will rip through us in a matter of seconds. There's nothing we can do." Lt. Arnas pointed out.

The beam then cut straight through the command tower, followed by engine room, detonating the ship's fuel, and triggering a catastrophic rupture in the hyperdrive.


"It's hardly what I expected my wedding to be like either." Lenatha commented. "I'm Andorra's wife, Lenatha, and while my dress made it here mostly unscathed, it's hardly appropriate for battle."

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