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"Is it really you Alriana?"

Alriana smiled at Tavaryn as she extended her hand to him so that he could get back up on his feet. "It's me. I've been working on the Ackbar's bridge for quite a while. Admiral Belina has me working as a security/tactical officer."

Bridge of the Ackbar

Science officer Koral cursed angerly as the beam ripped through the Enterprise's bridge and continued on through until the ship's fuel detonated. "We've lost the Enterprise and I doubt we can take on two of these ships on our own."

A proximity alarm sounded and Koral slapped his head. Knowing his luck it would be another enemy ship. He closed his eyes and waited for the end.

And waited.

He slowly opened his eyes just in time to see a massive ship place itself between the incoming weapons fire and the Ackbar.

What the...? It's the Katarn!

Koral heard shouts and he sighed in relief as a message came in over all frequencies so he supposed the enemy ships would hear the message as well.

"This is Captain Viren of the Republic star crusier Katarn. Unknown vessels: You will cease your attacks and leave the system or you will be destroyed. Rest assured, we do have the capability to destroy you."

The Katarn targeted the first damaged ship and began firing all of it's weapons at the enemy ship even as it launched all of it's fighters which targeted the second enemy ship.
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