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Sith Warship

"My lord, the Republic ship is sending us a message." One of the bridge officers commented.

"Ignore it, and open a channel to the Oblivion." Darth Pestilus instructed.

"Yes, my lord." The communications officer replied.

"This is Darth Inferna, commanding the Oblivion. What is your command, Lord Pestilus?" Lady Inferna asked.

"Cloak your ship, and jump to hyperspace. Our warriors on the ground will finish the job here." Darth Pestilus explained.

"Yes, master." Darth Inferna replied.

As far as the Republic forces could tell, the two attacking ships simply vanished without a trace, without so much as a hyperspace trail to follow.


"You don't need to wear some archaic death-trap to impress me, and let's try not to find out." Lenatha replied, getting to changing out of her wedding dress and into something more practical.


"If we're going to figure out for sure who's behind this attack, we'll need to take some of them alive." Jareth pointed out.

"I wasn't expecting mercy from you." Kalla commented.

"Hardly. They deserve none, and I'll show no more than necessary. Once we've made them talk, we won't need them." Jareth clarified.

"More and more I see why Iyav left you." Kalla then muttered under her breath, and that was apparently enough to Jareth over the edge. He then grabbed her by the shoulder of her robe, and pointed his blaster right at her head.

"He's no saint either, but enough about my ex-husband, unless he decides to show his face here, got that?" He asked, looking like he was ready to pull the trigger.

"Got it. And if you ever threaten me again, it won't end well for you either." Kalla answered, making it clear that she had her lightsaber aimed right at his gut. After that, the two of them withdrew their respective weapons, and at least tried to act civil.

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