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Tavaryn was still staring at her, afraid that if he looked away, she would be gone. He knew that fear was something to guard against as far as the Jedi were concerned. He continued to play with her hair until he ran his finger down a lock and released it. He sighed. Duty came first.

He slowly bent over to pick up his sword and sheathed it, feeling suddenly tired for no reason. he led his sword in his left hand even though it pained him to do so and reached out to touch Alriana's face but in mid air, changed direction and gingerly kneeled down to where her sore ankle was a gently touched it. He muttered something in Avalonian and a healing calm came over the injured ankle, relieving the pain and repairing the injury. The breeze played with his locks as he finished healing. He then stood up trying not to grimace and said, "I think you can walk now moi chroi. Shall we?" He held out a hand to her.

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