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"I think you can walk now moi chroi. Shall we?"

Alriana took his offered hand and smiled at him. "It's good to see you again Tavaryn." She said as they began walking toward the corridor that would take them to the bridge. "I guess that we can thank Admiral Belina for stationing us on the same ship."

A sudden blaster shot echoed through the corridors and Alriana heard the sound of men shouting and the sound of more blaster fire.

"I think before we do anything we should get rid of the last of the enemy troops on this level."

Ackbar bridge.

Science officer Koral sighed in relief as the two enemy ships vanished. Normally, he would like to finish the fight to the end but these ships were dangerous. The next time he faced them he would rather have a few of the republic's best ships with him."

"Send a message down to the planet as ask if they need help. And while your doing that find out what happened to Admiral Belina and Admiral Garja. We need to find out what happened to them.
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