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"I guess that we can thank Admiral Belina for stationing us on the same ship."

Tavaryn smiled a crooked smile and replied, "I gues your Jedi Force works in mysterious ways. Belina asked me to be a training instructor. I had no idea it would be on the same ship as you." He paused for a moment, not sure if he should put his feelings completely at her mercy. He then continued, "Though I am glad of it. I oftened wondered if you were happy."

At the sound of blaster fire, he jerked his head up. He listened to the men shouting and thought he heard a familiar voice. A mild explosion sounded and debris flew across the junction in front of them and two Sith flew through the air and landed, dead as a post. They were followed by a woman with shoulder length iron grey hair and eyes to match wearing armour and toting a rifle that looked too big for her. She spat at the fallen Sith, "Hah. Take that Sith scum. You'll never beat a Mandalorian!"

Tavaryn relaxed and began to laugh. The woman looked in his direction and grinned. "Glad to see that you're enjoying the show Shinigami."

"Selene Ordo, I never thought I'd see you on the battlefield again." Tavaryn gently released Alriana's hand and held his own to have it gripped in a strong warrior grasp that nearly jerked him off his feet.

"I could say the same to you. I see you've started in on the fun without me." Selene grinned as she released him. She looked at the Jedi next to him and extended her own, "Selene Ordo, Leader of the Clans."

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