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"Though I am glad of it. I oftened wondered if you were happy."

Alriana grinned at him. "Actually, I was happy. Being a bridge officer had it's perks like my own cabin and I was allowed to boss some of the junior officers around."

She turned at the sound of an explosion and watched as two dead sith were sent flying into the room followed by a woman wearing armour. Alriana had to admit, the woman knew how to make an entrance.

"Selene Ordo, Leader of the Clans."

Alriana extended her hand. "Alriana Haltra, Jedi Knight of the old republic and security officer of the Ackbar." Alriana smiled at Ordo. "I met a few mandalorians during Palpatine's purge of the jedi. It's good to see that the mandalorians survived."
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