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"You can say that again," Taryn decided to make his entrance. He had watched his twin move and was pleased that his brother still had a temper despite the gentlemanly conduct he insisted upon wearing. He was also impressed that his brother had mastered shunpo.

After that little brush off with Jareth, he decided to intervene. He then said, "Well brother I guess we should practice our technique. Maybe teach Cousin a thing or two. You're welcome to watch Kaltas." He then dragged his brother out by the arm without ceremony, stopped by by Andorra and Lenatha and dragged his cousin with his free hand and dragged them out to the Chinooka river.

Tonatius managed to shake off his brother roughly, "What gives?"

"Listen big brother, I know that you were pissed that someone threatened your girl and hell you were ready to jump ship and pummel the guy."

"Yeah well if you had someone you cared about in trouble, you'd do anything too." Tonatius crossed his arms across his chest as if trying to restrainhimself from attacking his twin.

"Look save it for the enemy. Right now we need to teach cousin here the basics of water bending. You have more patience than I," Taryn pointed out.

Tonatius looked at Andorra who looked shocked at what just happened and said, "Alright. Sorry about that cousin. Now if you are okay with it, Taryn and I can teach you what almost every member of the family knows. That okay?"


Tiye had managed to get the other clansmen as well as the Belosian warriors together and onto a major vessel. It was equiped with dropships that would unload them on the planet's surface. She commed, "Jedi Kaltas, we are prepared for take off. Inform the Lady Governor we are on our way."


The ship the Chaser was pursuing the enemy vessel with a vengeance. It was trying to disarm the ship for tow in and kept missing. The pilot thought This guy ios good. The men in the laser turrets were having trouble leading the target until one managed to lock on and fired in a rapid succession.


"Clan Ordo will always live on," Selene replied with a grin. She looked at Tavaryn and said, "Pretty smart Jedi, Shinigami. Just your type." She then gave him a hard elbow that sent a shock of pain through his ribs.

Tavaryn hoped that the blushing was covered up by his grunt as Selene elbowed him. She was always a blunt one and could see through things oftentimes better than a Jedi. He replied, "I see you haven't lost your touch," and rubbed where she hit him trying to ease the pain.

"We train and live for battle. Besides we couldn't just sit around and let our sovereign system be attacked. Now you two run along. My men and I will mop up the rest." Selene hefted her blaster rifle and gave a curt nod. Then she shouted, "Come on men! We still have a battle to win!"

She then took off down the corridors followed closely by her men. They disappeared around a corner and more blaster fire sounded. Tavaryn was still rubbing his chest and shaking his head in an amused fashion. "Some things never change." He then looked at Alriana and said, "Glad that you had a chance to boss some junior officers around. I was more or less a bully and that's in part to Selene." He then took Alriana's hand and tugged it gently to beckon her to follow. They might as well get to the bridge if nothing else.

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