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"Glad that you had a chance to boss some junior officers around. I was more or less a bully and that's in part to Selene."

Alriana turned to look at the last of the Mandalorians as they ran around the corner and she shook her head. Mandalorians loved battle, somethings never changed.

She then looked at Tavaryn as he took her hand and she blushed slightly. "I suggest we get to the bridge. If the bridge is to badly damaged then Admiral Belina will have my hide."

Varith's fighter rocked as a series of laser bolts managed to punch through his shields and hit the ship directly just as Varith managed to punch in a series of coordiantes that would hopefully get him out of the battle area.

The hyperdrive computer went dead just as he was about to hit the controls that would get him out of here.

It appears I have no choice. I only hope I don't end up dead.

Varith brought his hand down on the control and his ship instantly came about and flew over the pursuing ship while firing three proton torpedoes at it's hull, enough to totally destroy it if they hit it.

I just need time to point the ship and then I can make a blind hyperspace micro-jump.
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