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"Yes yes, of course. Karela's right...she's always right. Me? All I am is a a distraction! I could never compete with the mighty Karela, or the smart Kaneda, or the kind Asuka, or the experienced Tategami! I'm just Takeda. The one who everyone abandoned!... the one that never left!"

Karela's mouth was wide open due to the shock she was feeling. Takeda was being very disrespectful towards the Hokage...the strongest ninja in the village. But Takeda had been acting different since she had met him in the samurai village during the attack.

What happened to him? This isn't the same Takeda that I used to know. As of now he needs to be watched.

She turned to the Hokage and closed her mouth. "I-I'm sorry about that...I really don't know what got into him."
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