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Being a Madison resident for part of the year, I've been down at the capital a few times. Its rediculous what the protestors have done. Why the planted palm trees and began fighting each other. Just kidding, thats fox news.
I was a moderate before the election. Now I'm a staunch democrat. I don't know a single moderate who would dare vote republican in the next few years. Walker has absolutely revolted me with his statements. He seems to think that us hundreds of thousands of protestors aren't voters. Thats funny, becuase I know for a fact that I voted for Barret. Which I believe makes me a voter. Along with the thousands of others there. After the illegal passing of the collective bargining bill, tens of thousands of protestors were at the capital within an hour. It takes over an hour to get to Madison from out of state. So I question, how are they not voters. Does Wisconsin not hire Wisconsin residents for its public employees? Because if they do, those are voters. I have yet to hear of a single Scott Walker event that hasn't been overcome by hundreds if not thousands of protestors while his supporters come in groups of 10. But the protestors aren't voters. Now even the police have abandoned him. They've left the capital.
But I guess that's what we get for letting a want to be dictator who was kicked out of college lead our state.

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