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Heroes of the Old Republic 1.5

Heroes of the Old Republic
Lightsaber Modification
For TSLRCM 1.7
(Full Version)

Author: Qui-Don Jorn
Date: Mar 14 2011

This (full version) modification is designed to be installed on a fresh vanilla install of KotOR 2:TSL and TSLRCM 1.7....if you already have HotOR 1.4 installed and don't want to uninstall/reinstall, there is the HotOR 1.5 Patch for that...
As always, this lightsaber mod should only be installed *after* you install TSLRCM 1.7, then install the TSLRCM 1.7 Fix by Hassat Hunter and whatever else you want to use...
================================================== ================================================== =======================================
This is the final version of the Heroes of the Old Republic Lightsaber Mod for TSLRCM 1.7, in it's entirety. The full and complete enchilada.
There are, in this version, 11 hilt remodels and 4 more new hilt models for your enjoyment. Which brings the total up to 40 models (not including the 18 default replacements), so this modification is absolutely JAM-PACKED with lightsaber hilts. I don't know what you would do with them all. Because I sure don't.
I've added another quest for the new Quillian lightsaber on Nar Shadaa, but I couldn't get the script for the trigger to work so I scrapped the whole 301NAR.mod file I'd been working on for 2 weeks and just made Fassa start the quest. Nothing would work, and I am (expletetives missing). The new Corellian lightsaber is aquired on Dxun.
Bao-Dur, Visas, and Mira all have new hilts. Bao-Dur's, Visas', the Quillian and the Lotus are the ones that I modeled after hilts on I have fixed the issue with Bail Shilar spawning twice during Zherron's dialog that happens right before the Battle of Khoonda. I had fixed this in the 1.4 SE Patch, but I wanted to change it around alot so that he would still spawn even if Vrook wasn't there. I've done alot of tweaking to the mod itself, like reskinning Bao-Dur's armor and fixing his armor building script, adding the new color crystals that I have been using myself, and on request, fixed Darth Darkus' Sith Warrior's Armored Robe from being transparent in a few spots on the chest plate, as well I re-edited the properties for ALL the sabers so they would be a little more balanced. I added a new hilt model for Malak (from the K1 Saber mod I did), but you won't get it, it's really just to avoid him having a default saber.
This mod is also totally compatible with Hassat Hunter's unofficial TSLRCM 1.7 Fix, those files should be added to your modules/override folders FIRST.
Also, I've added some HotOR specific loadscreens, because I thought it would be cool to tie this mod in with the rest of the game, and to give you a face to go with the lightsaber. Needless to say this mod has sucked up alot of my time, but I had fun doing it. (Even if I pulled out my hair and had to shave it all off so it wouldn't look like crap on one side).
**If you are opposed to getting a lightsaber before the normal lightsaber quest, then I would recommend that you don't install this mod. Because that's what this mod does.**


-Qui-Don Jorn

================================================== ====

1.5 Changes:
-Remodeled Master Vash's saber.
-Remodeled Exile's single saber.
-Remodeled Exile's double saber.
-Remodeled Dorian Fenn's double saber.
-Remodeled Nebelish's lightsaber.
-Remodeled Ven-Su Rahn's double saber.
-Remodeled Urial Vincen's hilt.
-Remodeled Raith Redstar's lightsaber...probably the coolest one I've ever modeled. It's mathematically perfect.
-Bao-Dur has a new hilt model. "The Liberator".
-Visas has new hilt called "Vestige".
-Mira has a new hilt called "Resolve".
-Gave names to all the companions hilts.
-Added some HotOR specific loadscreens.
-Added the Quillian MK IV lightsaber and a quest to build it from the parts. The quest starts and is completed on Nar Shadaa. Not the way I wanted it, but oh well, I guess.
-Added the Corellian lightsaber, it is aquired on Dxun.
-The old Tryn'aar lightsaber slot has been replaced by the new Lotus lightsaber, which not only is a huge improvement in hilt models, it's a welcome cutting of characters.
-Reskinned the Electromesh armor for Bao-Dur's new armor.
-Fixed the check script that controls Bao-Dur's Jedi Armor building node. Now it fires anytime after his 3rd level jedi class.
-Massively tweaked 601DAN.mod so that Bail Shilar will spawn correctly in ALL instances, whether Vrook is there or not. Tweaked all journal entries for Bail's saber quest. Added a globalcat entry to track whether you gave him back his saber.
-Fixed the Sith Warrior Armored robe from being transparent on the chestplate. (Still can't get alpha channels to work).
-Added *optional* color crystals for default sabers. They're what I've been playing with.
-Added my K1 Malak hilt model to Malak in the Korriban Tomb sequence.
-Revised 852NIH.mod so you only get Nihilus' lightsaber if you don't kill Visas, and you have to ask her to bring you the mask.
-Put MonoGiganto's original "Flickering Lightsaber blades" colors back in and turned up the flicker rate for all blade textures.
-Fixed one of Kreia's saber replace scripts so her saber is powered on during the cutscene with Sion on the Harbinger..(153HAR).
-Re-edited Darkus' Armored Robes to be alot more expensive. (Kinda silly to have a normal game robe cost 900 credits and an Armored Robe only cost 500).
-Re-edited all lightsaber properties to be less powerful. Hopefully now they are more balanced with the game.
-Added TSLPatcher operation for Bail Shilar's voice lines..
-Added TSLPatcher operation for quest entries in the global.jrl.
-Added 101PER.mod so Kreia's "rising from the dead" animation isn't so messed up.

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