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Originally Posted by jawathehutt View Post
If you want to hear a nice and personal story, my friend might have to drop out of college thanks to these benefits. Both of his parents are public employees and the pay cuts and benefit cuts are probably going to put an end to his college fund. And he already works and is still having issues. But hey, uneducated simpletons are great for business.
Hmmm Yeah.. I guess you're right. I mean having your parents pay for your college is the ONLY way to get a college education. I mean it's not like there are grants to help people attend college. And it's not like there are student loans that he could apply for to attend college. He must have an education paid for by his parents like everyone else who attends college.

And it's not like there's a tax break for college funds... Heck he might even think about going to a cheaper local college. But I guess when you are using other people's money, who cares how much it costs...

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