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Originally Posted by Det. Bart Lasiter View Post
Because denying workers the ability to collectively bargain allows the government to set the price of labor and the government has a monopoly on the labor market. And to change that we'd need a massive influx of private sector growth and/or the elimination a large number of the jobs in this country.

Also, if the government is this massive bureaucracy you claim it to be, shouldn't citizens at least be able to organize a defense against it underpaying them? Or is big government okay when it comes to paying the employees of the largest employer in the country?
But they can still collectively bargain for pay raises. Just not above the increase of inflation. And they still have other protections. Also, if they feel they are treated unfairly by the government, they should try out the private sector for a while. Unions are still able to do all of the bargaining they want there. AND they can even go on strike. Government workers cannot.

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