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Originally Posted by jawathehutt View Post
Both of his parents are public employees and the pay cuts and benefit cuts are probably going to put an end to his college fund. And he already works and is still having issues. But hey, uneducated simpletons are great for business.
Please. I put myself through college. I received a couple scholarships, yes, but that only went as far as books for a few semesters. I worked 20 hours a week on campus, and 10 a week off campus. I'm still paying back the student loans. I worked off campus while I was in doctor school, too. We all make sacrifices for the things we think are important.

My parents didn't give me a darn thing. Why? They didn't have a cushy state job that provided them 100% of their pension and health care so they didn't have the money for it. Asking those parents to contribute 8% or so to their health care and pension? Sorry, I'm not feeling terribly sorry for them when I've effectively taken the same or larger pay cut because I haven't received a raise in my private sector job in 4 years. It's not an unreasonable request to ask every state employee to start contributing SOMETHING to their pensions and health care so that I don't have to pay the 4th highest tax rate in the US.

Originally Posted by jawathehutt
I have yet to hear of a single Scott Walker event that hasn't been overcome by hundreds if not thousands of protestors while his supporters come in groups of 10.
Try thousands. My hubby was _at_ the protests. Not surprisingly, WI media focused on the protestors and not the supporters.

Originally Posted by jawathehutt
Now even the police have abandoned him. They've left the capital.
So, you're saying they've abandoned their post and effectively have gone on strike illegally? So they let people break into the capital, walk all over union state workers' desks, destroy stuff in the capital, and superglue legislators' doors shut. How mature and honorable of them.

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