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the most mindblowing song with deep lyrics ever
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unfortunately a lot of unnecessary hate has been focused on the 13 year old girl as well, with many people giving her death threats and insults on twitter and such. it's a silly, hilarious song sure, but insulting the girl is going too far.

so i made my own piano cover of it XD. it can be an enjoyable song if made the right way XD
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@lightsaberboy: I'm sorry I didn't comment before, Nice skills on the piano there doing Bowser's N64 theme. I glossed over it and watched it several times...Guess I'm just a bit off all the time. Have any more vids of VG music you can do?
i actually haven't done too many vg vids now that i notice it. i've done various movies and shows and video games, so not just VG stuff.
i did some kingdom hearts ones waaayy back, before i started using audacity to record the sound directly onto my computer XD
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