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Well, I'm back.

To commemorate the occasion, here's two little videos...

And a still screen of the new menu...

Barring a few personal preferences to be sorted, the first level (Onderon & Dxun) has been finished and is ready for Beta testing. I won't be asking for any testers until all the levels are in this state, but it's nice to note that at least one is ready.

I'm currently working through Etti and should have it finished by the end of next week.

Originally Posted by Kreia001 View Post
I think I know the response to this question but I will ask it still, are you in need of voice actors?
I am always in need of voice actors if I can get them. Even if it's just for some random character with three lines, it adds a bit more depth and detail. If you're still interested, just PM me with a few details (rough age, gender, what kind of sized part you were thinking about).

Right now some of the parts still use computer generated voices. Adding them like this for now means all I have to do when I have the real lines is drag and drop the mp3s to the right folder. Hopefully I'll be able to get enough people for the parts.

Right now I'm playing with some of Quanon's models he kindly donated to the forum, so maybe I'll have some screen of those sometime.

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